More than 70 years of experience and Know-How for your individual plastic solutions.

The former company, RIWISA AG, was founded March 11, 1946 as one of the first plastics processing enterprises in Switzerland.  The company quickly built a reputation for itself by producing buttons and toilet lids.  Thermoplastics manufacturing began shortly afterwards in 1948.

Since 1955, the company has been producing polyethylene, polyamide and multi-slice foil.  In 1957, RIWISA AG produced its first one-way cup articles.  In the following years, the range of services expanded to numerous products with the three departments of Medical, Industry and Consumer. Along the way, RIWISA AG acquired professional competences and progressed steadily. An important milestone occurred in 1998, when it launched the utilization of cleanroom manufacturing with medical products.

After a lengthy study of near 100 plastics manufacturer in Europe, the American global company FLEX acquired RIWISA AG. Towards the end of 2013, it further expanded its operations with medical plastics. The FLEX group employs over 250,000 employers in more than 300 locations around the world. RIWISA is a perfect addition to FLEX’s medical growth strategy, strengthening its precision forms and automation in the areas of medical and IVD.

On June 10, 2016 RIWISA AG will change its name to Flex Precision Plastics Solutions – Switzerland.


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