The very latest technologies for your innovative products.

New technologies are an important basis for innovative plastic solutions. Flex Precision Plastics Solutions develops cost efficient State-of-the-Art-Technologies by themselves or find them at the suppliers by means of Technology-Scouting. This means market success by innovative products and favourable production costs for our customers.

Our key technologies:

  • Conventional injection moulding.
  • Multi component technology.
    • Rotary plate until removal from the closed mould over three stations.
    • Core-Back-Technology.
    • Transfer Technique.
  • Coinjection-Technique for barriers or for cost-efficient use of recyclates.
  • IML-Technology.
    • Round label technology on stackmolds (6+6-ply thin-wall).
    • Barriers-Inserting-Technology (patented).
  • Injections of HGF-Grivory applications as a brass substitute.

Flex Precision Plastics Solutions focuses on an efficient, safe production process. We therefore have developed various technologies for a smooth process flow:

  • Continuous monitoring of injection moulded parts and assemblies on video.
  • Communicating extraction solutions for injection moulding machines in clean rooms.
  • Continuous  monitoring of mould breathing for better product quality and protection of forms
  • Extremely flexible, massively more cost-saving side-entry-removal solutions.

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