Our engineering-know-how for your market success.

The development process from the product construction until the maturity phase of series production is challenging. In close cooperation with you Flex Precision Plastics Solutions will implement your project technically and economically efficient.

To save costs we rely on virtual verification. Before we produce the injection moulds, the product designs coming out of the design department will be calculated with 3D-fill simulation and checked regarding manufacturability. Cooling, filling process, fibre adjustment and other parameters are simulated and optimized. This just saves time and money during the final sampling phase.

Before the series production, all manufacturing steps are carefully planned for each new project, checked and tested:

  • Injection mould
  • Welding
  • Printing
  • Chromium coating
  • Assembling
  • Packing

We painstakingly examine the conceptions of the mould makers and plant manufacturers before release for series production. For cGMP-conforming products we critically examine the solutions by means of FMEA, in order to later qualify them properly. Our in house department Regulatory-Affairs is supporting us in this matter. You will receive a perfectly market-suitable and sustainable product, which complies with all legal and customary standards.


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