Sophisticated Logistics for the On Time Delivery of your Products.

1970 already Flex Precision Plastics Solutions built the first fully automatic high rack warehouse of Switzerland. Since then our customers can take "Just in Time" for granted. Thanks to a well-grounded logistics conception we are able to manage also considerably alternating demands and cover peak demands without any problems. Required products are always available on time. In case your demand changes, Flex Precision Plastics Solutions is able to react very flexible short term.

The logistics department is responsible for the whole Supply Chain. This also applies to the demand-supply of raw materials of the three product areas Industry, Consumer and Medical, as well as for procurement of intermediate goods and packaging material. Our logistics team is taking care of an efficient management of the warehouse spaces:

  • 7500 pallet places
  • Monthly turnover rate 8500 pallet places
  • Daily dispatches 50 trucks

We supply according to the Kanban-Principle to the distributors or directly to the assembly line. As Flex Precision Plastics Solutions-customer you manage in practice without an expensive intermediate storage.


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